Rota week commencing 17th February 2020

Monday 17th.          Aleisha and Maria
Tuesday 18th.         Lilly and Amber
Wednesday 19th.    Lilly and Amber
Thursday 20th.        Maria and Amelia
Friday 21 st.             Aleisha and Lilly
Saturday 22 nd.       Aleisha and Bella
Sunday 23 rd.           Lilly
 and Amelia

Rota week commencing 24th February 2020

Monday 24th.           Aleisha and Maria
Tuesday 25th.          Lilly and Amber
Wednesday 26th.     Lilly and Amelia
Thursday 27th.         Maria and Amelia
Friday 28th.               Aleisha and Bella
Saturday 29th.          Aleisha and Lilly
Sunday 1st. March   Lilly
 and Amelia

* Please phone and book on the day as Ladies availability may change on the day due to unforeseen circumstances.

   Please call and ask for special 2 girl services